Jazz 4



Class description:

  • Students ages 13 and up will work on strengthening muscles and flexibility in warm-up, focusing on proper technique with across the floor exercises, and pick up moves more quickly with center floor combinations are all goals of this class. Jazz 4 students must be able to master grande-jetes, musicality, tombe pas de bouree jete, leaps a la second, higher multiple chaine turns in plie and releve, battements (straight leg and developpe) in front and side, jetes, six step turns into double pirouettes, axle turns and any other popular tricks at the time. Students must also be able to pick up choreography at a faster pace and be able to pick up longer combinations of movement. Personal style and performance must be pretty well developed. Students must also be enrolled in at least 1 ballet class per week.

Dress code:

  • Please wear comfortable, fitted pant/shorts with fitted top, tank, or leotard. No jeans/denim. Bring hair tie or have hair pulled back. Bare feet / PAWS
  • 90-MINUTE Class Tuition: $85 / month