Ages 5-6 Pre-Ballet


Class description:

  • This 45-minute class is geared to the dancer who is being introduced to ballet and the discipline necessary and designed to provide young dancers with a joyful transition from the playfulness of Bitty Ballet into the fine art of classical ballet. The following will be introduced and full comprehension of these movements must occur before moving to the next level: Plie, Tendu, Pique, Flex/Pointe, Releve, Coupe, Passe, 1st, 2nd & 3rd ballet positions with feet and arms, 5th arms only, sautés, walking on releve with port de bras, step hop passé, and chasses.

Dress code:

  • Boys: Black shorts and a white t-shirt and black ballet shoes.
  • Girls: Leotard (pink or black), tights (pink), pink ballet shoes AND Black Ballet Skirt. Hair MUST be pulled back in a bun and out of face.