Contemporary 1

Wednesday at EDS West

Class description:

  • Ages 7-9
  • MUST BE ENROLLED IN A BALLET CLASS. Class for students age 7-9 who have completed and mastered Ballet 1. This class is geared for the beginning level dancer desiring to broaden their lyrical style background. This class begins to demonstrate how to use emotion through dance and music. The basic smooth movement will be practiced to prepare students for higher levels of lyrical dance. Each class incorporates a comprehensive warm-up, training of lyrical technique paired with the emotional and improvisation aspect of this unique style. Combinations using lyrical movements and technique will be learned and mastered.

Dress code:

  • Leggings, sweats, and/or fitted shorts with a leotard, tank, or tee. Bare feet / paws / socks. NO JEANS/DENIM