As of May 24th, the MASK policy at EDS is as follows:

  • Since EDS is considered a gym / health club, the state rule says to follow the CDC guidelines which recommends that those individuals who have not been fully vaccinated still wear a mask. (Full vaccination means 2 weeks after your 2nd dose.)
  • The public health order as it pertains to classes in the studio states:
  • Face coverings are required for certain individuals age 11 and older in certain settings. However, fully vaccinated individuals ages 16 and up in a classroom, cohort, or other group of children may remove masks.
  • TEACHERS AND STAFF who have provided proof of fully completed vaccination will be permitted to remove their mask.
  • Individuals 10 years of age or younger are an exception to the face covering requirements.

At EDS we will begin following these recommendations this week. If you would prefer to zoom classes you may do so. Please fill out the absence form and/or email