Kirra Kusy

Kirra Kusy started dancing at the age of 5 training in ballet, hip-hop, jazz, and contemporary. When Elevation Dance Studio opened in 2010, Kirra quickly joined and became part of the Scholarship Program the following year. Starting in 2014, she began competition dance in styles such as contemporary, locking, jazz, and hip-hop and continued competing the following years. She traveled to LA in 2017 to intensively study jazz-funk with Bobby Newberry and quickly fell in love with all styles and forms of hip-hop and jazz-funk. In 2019 Kirra studied abroad in Alicante, Spain to study the foundation of hip-hop and discover new techniques related to that style. While in Spain, Kirra studied locking, new style, vouge, whacking, experimental, contemporary, and many different styles of hip-hop at In Situ and Funkadelic dance studio. Kirra Kusy loves every aspect of dance and is excited to share all she has learned with her students.