Ballet 2


Class description:

  • In this 1 hour class, dancers will continue to execute ballet 1 movement while the following will be introduced and full comprehension of the movements must occur before moving to the next level: port de bras forward and back, tendus and jetes from 5th position, echappe releve, coupe derriere, grand rond de jambe en l’air with leg at 45 degrees, developpe, passé releve, frappe, preparation fro splits, crosie and efface devant and derriere, a la second, 1st and 2nd arabesque, single piroquette en dehors from 5th, glissade, chaine on releve, tombe pas de bourre glissade developpe grand jete, pique turn.

Dress code:

  • Boys: Black shorts and a white t-shirt and black ballet shoes.
  • Girls: Leotard (pink or black), tights (pink), pink ballet shoes. NO skirts or tutus. Hair MUST be pulled back in a bun and out of face.