What Elevation Dance Studio and Faculty will continue to do:

  • Run both air filters located in each studio in each and every class.
  • Promote frequent hand washing / sanitizing
  • Stay home when experiencing symptoms and test
  • Clean high touch surface areas frequently
  • Continue weekday cleanings
  • Adhere to all CDC recommendations listed on the link provided.
  • Zoom classes upon request (must submit before 2pm the day of the class)

While we have stock of and will continue to provide disposable masks, we DO NOT supply N95 or KN95 masks which the CDC is recommending for the most effective protection.

The EDS community which includes the faculty, staff, students, parents, and your families, have done an incredible job maintaining zero Covid incidents as a result of attending EDS classes. PLEASE continue to keep up the good work by staying home when symptomatic and wearing a mask if and when necessary as recommended.

Adhere to most current CDC recommendations